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What is going on in East Cobb, new homes?

You don’t have  to be in real estate to see that land is being developed in East Cobb for new homes.   This is the first movement of building that has really happened since the real estate crash of 2007.  There are a few last pieces of land in East Cobb which new homes will sit and there is no question in my mind that they will sell like hot cakes!!

East Cobb has grown older, and to have the location, schools and lower taxes that Cobb County has with a brand new home is very desirable for buyers.

It’s going to be an exciting next couple of years watching this growth in an area where the quality of life is good, and to have brand new product will bring  jobs, and new families here to our community.

It will be a great time if have always wanted new but did not want to move far out,  for you to get that sparkling, never lived in before house right here in the heart of East Cobb.


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