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The old real estate adage..location, location,location

Many things have changed in real estate these days, but one thing has stayed the same.

 Location DOES matter.

Especially in East Cobb, but really this holds true in all areas of this local Atlanta market.If you have a home for sale in Walton High School district in an in demand neighborhood, you have a much larger buyer pool that will look at your house then if you are in what buyers “consider” not as hot of a school district.

If you have an in -town home in a desirable Atlanta neighborhood that is in great condition, in a hip area of town where people can walk to restaurants and parks, very little to no commute time for people working downtown or midtown than you also may have a home that is desired in ANY market, including a buyers market.

So don’t think just because this is a buyers market that you can’t sell your home fast and for good money, you may very well be in a “sellers” market in your local pocket area.

I have seen homes sell before they even go on the market publicly because they are in “hot” areas of town.

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