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Sellers Market? Well just maybe……

Yes it’s actually true, the data is in and it is actually a sellers market in some areas of Atlanta at the 250K and under price range.  Inventory levels have dropped below 3 months of inventory in some areas, which means if not another home went on the market for sale it would take 3 months to sell all the inventory.

 I have buyers right now wanting to  purchase in this range and we go look at the homes and when we get back to the office to put an offer in, very often they are under contract!

Interest rates are low, investors, 1st time home buyers and folks moving here from other parts of the country are gobbling these homes up!  Many of the banks are fixing these homes up as well and they are in great, clean move in condition.


Call me today if you have a home under 250,000 and you are thinking of selling!

We need some homes to add to our inventory in this price range, especially if you are located in the Walton, Pope or Lassiter High School districts!

Top 3 reasons NOT to use your family as your real estate agent

But, my aunt is a real estate agent…..

Well if your aunt is an ACTIVE agent and works in this business full time, then maybe you should use her.  However, just because you have a relative who is a real estate agent does not mean they are the agent you should use.  There are many dangers in using family for your real estate transaction.

1. Can you FIRE your Aunt if she is not doing the job?  It makes it hard if your not getting the service and results you want.  How to say to your aunt, I am going to use someone else, could create  tension in the family.

2. Many agents have a license to sell real estate and just keep it active with a broker , it does not mean they actually know the market or understand the contracts which change every year, if they are not an active full time agent–beware

3. Your  personality may not be a good match with your family member, buying or selling your house is an emotional and often the most expensive transaction you will be involved in your life…it makes sense to work with someone that understands you and “clicks” with you.  Just because you have a family member who holds a license does not make it the best choice.

If you need an agent who really knows this market, can help you reach your goals, give me a call today at 770-354-0243 and see if we “click”  or email me, or better yet read here what my others say about me.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Banks are short sighted on short sales

Sometimes the banks just make no sense.  That’s an understatement.  I have been handling quite a few short sales lately and have had a great success rate on approvals.  However, just recently we offered up a  contract with a buyer who was purchasing under their company name, the company was just them, but they are using the property for a place to stay when they are here on business, so that is how they are purchasing it.

After 60 days of waiting the bank said no, they won’t sell to a limited partnership. That’s their rule.  I plead our case, this is a cash offer, they will close quickly after approval, if you foreclose with the market  the way it is the bank will probably even get less money and it will be months instead of a couple of weeks before they have it.  No.  That’s it, just no.

So as a seller what are you supposed to do? Well you are at the mercy the bank for the approval so you just get that home back on the market and attract a buyer who is not a company to purchase it.  That is all you can do, it is still better for the seller to short sale their property instead of a foreclosure.

I can help you through the murky short sale waters out there,  the banks don’t seem to make sense but there are some consistencies in the process, call me today at 770-354-0243 if you are facing difficult times and may need to sell your home on  a short sale.  It is 40% of the market here in Atlanta right now, and it is a reality of what people are facing.  We can help you move through it so you can move on with your life!


Calling all East Cobb Walton High School District Homeowners!

If you are thinking of selling your home and you live in the Walton High School district, call me today,  we have active buyers that have not been able to find what they are looking for specifically in the Walton High School district.

Why? You ask?  Well there is just not that much great inventory in the sought after area right now, and we need great homes to sell in this area!  Yes it is a buyers market in much of the Atlanta area, but in Walton, the inventory levels speak of a sellers market now.

Call me today at 770-354-0243, or email me at [email protected] if you have a home to sell. I can help!

Top 3 reasons to get your home on the market BEFORE spring rush

Sellers start calling about now to evaluate getting their home sold  during the upcoming spring selling season.  But there are great reasons to put your home on the market Just Before the spring market.

1. Less Competition  just before spring,  when you go on market in the peak of spring selling season–so does everyone else!

2. If you are selling and buying, you sell yours first, then you have plenty of inventory of spring to choose from!  Look at you..the smart one, sold when everyone else is not and getting to choose among loads of inventory for your purchase!

3.  Interest rates are great right now! We don’t have a crystal ball and if rates go up, your house is not as affordable to buyers or for you if your are purchasing a new home.

Call me today at 770-354-0243 for a free market analyis of your’s home worth! No obligation, I only want to sell your home if it works for you. Or feel free to leave a comment below.

Why does the buyer want my dining room furniture too!!???

Why is it when buyers make offers these days they sometimes ask for the sellers personal furniture in the offer? 

Mostly this happens because very often the buyer makes an emotional connection to your house when they see it.   You know how it goes, you walk in a home and you say “this is it!”

 I have found very often the buyer and the seller “match” on taste, profession, and overall similarities in personality.

Do you as a seller HAVE to give them your dining room furniture when they ask for it in an offer?  The resounding answer is absolutely not….now with that being said, if you can’t stand that furniture and you have every intention of getting new furniture when you move, then  yes, it can be used as a negotiating tool.  Maybe you don’t pay as much in closing costs and they get the dining room set, this puts more cash in your pocket and the buyer gets something that they want, and it is a win-win situation.

The main thing to remember when you get an offer is don’t get mad at the person who makes you an offer on your home even if they did ask for your dining room set!  If you must get mad,  be upset with those that came through your home and didn’t make you an offer.

The people making the offer love your house and they want to buy it– this is a good thing…YAY!!!

Call me today at 770-354-0243 or email me if you are thinking of selling your home or feel free to leave a comment below.

The old real estate adage..location, location,location

Many things have changed in real estate these days, but one thing has stayed the same.

 Location DOES matter.

Especially in East Cobb, but really this holds true in all areas of this local Atlanta market.If you have a home for sale in Walton High School district in an in demand neighborhood, you have a much larger buyer pool that will look at your house then if you are in what buyers “consider” not as hot of a school district.

If you have an in -town home in a desirable Atlanta neighborhood that is in great condition, in a hip area of town where people can walk to restaurants and parks, very little to no commute time for people working downtown or midtown than you also may have a home that is desired in ANY market, including a buyers market.

So don’t think just because this is a buyers market that you can’t sell your home fast and for good money, you may very well be in a “sellers” market in your local pocket area.

I have seen homes sell before they even go on the market publicly because they are in “hot” areas of town.

Give me a call today at 770-354-0243 if you are thinking of buying or selling, I can help educate you on what is going on in your local neighborhood.



Don’t wait until spring, Top 3 reasons to put your home on the market now !

Shouldn’t I wait until spring during the “buying ” season to put my home on the market?

1. There is not as much competition. It is a buyers market but your house can stand out because the competition dwindles and there is not as much inventory for the buyers to choose from.

2. Buyers who are looking now are MOTIVATED!  They need to buy now, otherwise they would not really want to spend their holiday time “kicking” tires so to speak.

3. If you need to sell, don’t wait, the market is changing every 30 days, your home may be worth less in the spring then now. (Especially if that short sale or foreclosure in the area sells in the next 90 days)

There are advantages to going ahead and putting the home up on the market during the Holiday season!

If you are thinking of selling, call me today at 770-354-0243 or email me at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

What’s the magic number?

house with moneyI am often asked by sellers, what is my home worth?

In order to answer this,  we have to see the home and research the data from 90 days prior to the day we are listing the home for sale.  The most current trends are pending sales because this is what buyers are purchasing today.  The solds within the last 3 to 6 months and within 2 miles of the home comparable in size and condition are also very important to determining value.

Active listings are sellers “wish list”, does not mean they are the value of the home!

Often a seller believes that the data applies to everyone else and does not apply to their home because of upgrades or that it has other special features.  This is true to a point, a home that is in fabulous condition, immaculate and extra features can bring more money to the sale, however there is a limit to this.

There is not a “fantasy buyer” out there who will over pay for a home in this Atlanta market no matter how fabulous it is!

The keys for a seller to sell in this market is to be the best home at in great condition at the absolutely best price!  So when your agent helps you to determine value, price it right from the start.

Be competitive and you will win the buyer and you can wear your 1st place crown to the closing 🙂

Top 3 mistakes sellers make when selling their home

frustrated man#1- They don’t do everything I say. 🙂

Seriously, I really do know what it takes to sell in this market. I am here to help you get absolutely the most money that the market will pay in the shortest amount of time. So listen to your agent, we sell more homes in one month than many people do in a lifetime.  We are the experts, let us truly help you by listening to our advice. I promise the payback will be worth it.

Just because you own a home does not make you an expert in selling one in the Atlanta market.

# 2.   They Over price it !

They are still living in the old market they price too high.   They think they need to leave room to “negotiate ” If your priced too high there won’t be  an offer TO negotiate.   Sellers  find it hard to accept the value that I am giving them based on the data in their local market.   I know it’s hard to believe that your house is worth less than what you paid 5, 7 or more years ago,  especially since you have the best house in the whole world!!!  We have been always lead to believe we will always make money on our homes, however the reality is that it probably is worth less than you think it is.  Tough to swallow but necessary to accept reality. Price ahead of the market, don’t chase it with reductions, you will end up getting more money for your house the quicker you sell.

#3 Condition

They prepare their home for sale “halfway” for example they paint the whole interior and then leave the flowery wallpaper in the master bath.  Do it all, paint is cheap, and the return on investment is 5 fold.  Buyers want move in ready and don’t want to have to take down that wallpaper you’ve had on the walls for 15 years.   Or the seller just recarpets one room….oh my goodness do what you need to to have the freshest move in ready home on the market. Win the beauty contest or you’ll sit in runner up position for a long time.

If you are thinking of selling your home, call me today at 770-354-0243 and I will be happy to discuss what it would take to get your home sold for the most money here in East Cobb.  Or feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will send you my sellers homework information kit to prepare your home for sale.